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The last years we work exclusively at the automation of ball mills in cement plants . The first systems for grinding process automation are developed from us in 1963. For the period 1963 - 2001 we have implemented about 70 systems for ball mills in cement and ore-dressing industries. In 2001 the microprocessor system MILLCONT of TRAPEN was awarded with silver medal and certificate at the International Exhibition "IENA 2001" in Neurenberg and with bronze medal and certificate at the 50th International Fair "EUREKA 2001" in Brussels.

In the last years on basis of the results from the studies have been developed a new impact pulse sensors and microprocessor modules, by means of which is possible the building of control systems for optimum loading of the ball mills in cement and ore dressing industries and other related branches.
Two kind of specific differential sensors SRIP and SDIP for selective measuring the ringing pulses of rotation and stationary (roller) mills. The sensors are oscillators, encapsulation and can transfer signals through double-core shielded cable up to 200m without additional amplification. With the rotation mills, the sensors are mounted on stand fixed to the foundation and are directed from a distance 20 - 30mm to their casings opposite the place where grinding bodies fall down, while for the stationary mills - on the casing.

Microprocessor module under the name MILLCONT 2 consisting of two independent control loops. Each loop has: analogue differential amplifier with controlled amplification factor, digital component with adjustable parameters for shaping factor of grinding FG; special digital PID regulator, which can be adjusted to work in different mode at mill loading and discharging. Both loops are free configuring, as they can operate with input signal from the sensors or with unified signal from other source (elevator, separator, weightmeter for return flow, etc.). The module is with standard current inputs and outputs, which can be programmed as normal or inverse and also with serial communication channel RS 485, programmed to MODBUS. The module is for panel mounting.
The systems MILLCONT 2 are implemented nowadays on 8 ball mills in Bulgaria, on cement mill in Halyps cement (Greece), on cement mill in Calusco (Italy), on cement mill (Mauritania), on cement mill in Gujarat cement plant (India) and on the two raw mills and two cement mills in Iran, on wet raw mill in Vulkan cement, Bulgaria.

Microprocessor system MILLOAD is purposed for mill load's measuring of different kind of mills for grinding of cement, raw materials, ores, coals, coke etc in cement, dressing and power industries and other related branches. Microprocessor module MILLOAD processing a signal from a sensor and shaping FG with unified current signal output. The module is designed for mills with PLC, where the regulator is built. The module is for euro - brace mounting.
The systems MILLOAD are implemented nowadays on cement mill in Calusco (Italy), cement mill in Zlatna Panega cement - Bulgaria (5 pieces), cement and raw mills Novy Popovats - Serbia (2 pieces), cement mill in VOLSKCEMENT - Russia (2 pieces), cement mill in Plevenski cement - Bulgaria (4 pieces), ore mill in ore-dressing factories Asarel-Medet, Bulgaria and Elatzite Med (2 pieces), cement mill in Vulkan cement, Bulgaria.

The nowadays experience in grinding process automation shows the following economic results: the productivity of the mills is increased with 30 %; the specific power consumption is decreased an average from 20 up to 25 %; the durability of the lining and grinding bodies is increased with 3-4 months; the average square deviations of the grind product by fineness of grinding and viscosity is decreases with an average of 1,6 times.

Besides these good economic results the system improves the overall labour organization. The systems MILLCONT 2 and MILLOAD are manufactured and sold by TRAPEN Co.
The systems are provided with 18 months warranty from the date of implementation, but not later that two years from the date of delivery.
The microprocessor module of the systems are produced from the firm certified to ISO 9001 - 2000 with certificate for manufacture QBE 99082 and certificate for service QBE 99081, prominent from SGS (Belgium).

Namadin Sanat Co., Isfahan, IRAN is our exclusive agency for distribution of the systems MILLCONT 2 and MILLOAD on the territory of IRAN


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