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The microprocessor system for vibroindication VIBROTRACER 8 is designed for measuring, calculating of the effective value and indication of the absolute and relative vibration velocity of 8 or between 8 rotating and stationary bodies such as bearings, rolls, frames, foundations, etc.
The measurements are remote by special generating sensors with differential output defecting vibrations in horizontal, vertical, angular and axial directions.
VIBROTRACER 8 is applied in systems for failure protection of rotating equipment such as generators, turbines, fans, compressors, etc., in case of increased absolute and relative vibration velocities due to disbalance, widened gaps, poor lubrication, etc.
VIBROTRACER 8 can be used as well as for indirect measuring of important technological parameters correlated to the average value of the vibration velocity and which cannot be measured by standard techniques and sensors.
VIBROTRACER 8 measures the vibration velocity in relative units and has to be gauged by a standard device in measuring absolute vibrations or to follow the signals changes in measuring relative vibrations.
VIBROTRACER 8 consists of 8 remote sensors and a microprocessor module. The sensor signals are amplified by 8 precise adjustable differential amplifiers and are forwarded to 8-chanel 10 bits ADC. The sampled signals are processed in batches of 250 samples by a single-chip microcomputer.
The processor operate in two modes:
•  Measuring mode.
The effective values of signals are calculated and shown periodically on the LCD. They are compared to a programmed threshold for warning and failure alarming. In case of exceeding of these levels within a pre-set time interval relays are activated and the channel index and alarm type are indicated on the LCD. Using the keyboard one can chose the channel to be under continuous observation and the relays to be acknowledged as well.
•  Tuning mode. It is used for initial setup of VIBROTRACER 8, i.e. to set the number of channels, signal gains, alarm thresholds, timer intervals, etc. The setup parameters are stored in battery powered memory.


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