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The vibration VIBROTRACER is designed for indicating the average vibration velocity (ds/dt) of rotating and stationary bodies as bearings, rolls, foundations, etc. the indicator makes remote measurements in relative units of the absolute velocity towards a fixed point and of the relative vibration velocity between two elements (e.g. roll-bearing).
The vibration indicator is applied in systems for failure protection of bearings, rolls, motors, generators, etc., as well as for indirect measuring of important technological parameters correlated to the average value of the vibration velocity and which cannot be measured by standard techniques and sensors.
VIBROTRACER consists of remote measuring sensor of vibration velocity and electronic transmitter. It operates on a diverse principle than the well known piezoelectric, electrodynamic and vertical sensors and generates a differential output signal. Its sensitivity is oriented in a certain direction though it can measure horizontal, vertical and longitudinal absolute and relative vibrations.
The transmitter amplifies and corrects the sensor output signal to the range of 0 to 10 volts and displays it on a LED scaled in mm/s. The transmitter has two comparators for warning and failure alarming with relay output whose threshold and hysteresis can be adjusted. The comparators have adjustable timers to hold the alarms. Misoperations at startup/startdown are avoided by tuning the hysteresis levels and the timers.


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