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The TRAPEN Ltd. is small innovative firm established in 1991 year from the former research coworkers of the Central scientific institute for complex automation (CNICA)-Sofia. The firm perform scientific research, experimental and manufacturing activities in the field of technological process automation:

•  dosage and mixing of raw materials

•  wet and dry grinding of materials and ores

•  measuring and control of filling level, density and viscosity

•  measuring, diagnostics and control of vibration processes

•  measuring and control of linear axis displacements

In 2001 the system "MILLCONT" of TRAPEN Company was awarded with silver medal and certificate at the International Exhibition "IENA 2001" in Neurenberg and with bronze medal and certificate at the 50th International Fair "EUREKA 2001" in Brussels.

TRAPEN is awarded with honorary diploma for INOVATIVE FIRM OF THE YEAR'2005 .

TRAPEN works in association with some technical universities as well as with engineering firms at reconstruction and modernization of cement plants.


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